Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Chinese registrants like .LOAN

Checking domain name registration volumes for the Real Estate industry, I noticed an increase of 179,933 new domain names within a one week period of time. For a registry...

THIS IS A LOT OF DOMAIN NAME REGISTRATIONS I called Famous Four Media (dot Loan Limited), the Registry for the .LOAN new gTLD to ask the question and what was the reason of this. Here is the answer I received:
It has to do with the way .loan is perceived in China and it seems they are starting to love it. We have at least 2 big registrars in China that started selling insane numbers in .loan so that’s a fact now, no longer a guess.
Famous Four Media recently established a WFOE company (wholly foreign-owned enterprises) in China and obtained a government license to be able to sell its domain names. The Chinese market now seems to be part of any new gTLD development strategy to sell domain names.

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