Monday, December 19, 2016

The .WHOSWHO new gTLD becomes a .BRAND ?

The end of the year is often the right moment to speculate about the future of new gTLDs and I much appreciate to read posts such as the recent one written by Stuart Fuller from Netnames. Something that I just feel like learning is this sentence about the .WHOSWHO new gTLD turning in to a brand new gTLD?
"Two examples of this in the past few weeks are the decision by the Whoswho registry to essentially turn itself into a dotBrand..."
I fast checked the application and saw no sign of this so I asked the registry for a confirmation. It is also possible that my English is too poor to correctly understand what "essentially" means in the sentence.

Whatever the decision of the registry is - I was aware of decisions from .BRAND extensions to turn to generic applications dedicated to selling domain names but I was not aware of the opposite - it can make sense to block from buying domain names to rent a service instead...based on a domain name. This is another way to deploy a TLD. Then it is a question of marketing it. Creating innovative projects based on new gTLDs is also something that we offer at Jovenet Consulting.

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