Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The new gTLD info of the day (Wednesday)

It is becoming a fashion for Registrars to publish a monthly "new gTLD review". If the Nameshield Group is already pretty efficient at providing detailed info related to new gTLDs, we have spotted more reports in our Newsletter.
  1. HOT: apply for your .BRAND new gTLD: what you need to know;
  2. Domain name service provider posts its New gTLD review;
  3. How to migrate from  from old ".com" to a new domain name.
  4. Two Sunrise Periods to end soon;
  5. Best "new domain name" wins a prize here;
  6. The .CLUB Registry celebrates the Chinese New Year;
  7. Another article covers Donuts' move to strengthen film industry relationships with anti-piracy agreement (the .FILM new gTLD);
  8. More news coming during the day.

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