Wednesday, May 25, 2016

New gTLDs: Singular or Plural?

The more I deal with new gTLD registration figures, the more I see that singular and plural versions start to appear on reports. For this reason I have added this sign: "(s/p)" next to the Top-Level Domain which also offers a plural version of the extension. For example, in the REALESTATE new gTLD report, we have a ".property" and ".properties". We also have a ".loan" and a ".loans", a ".home" and ".homes". In the SPORT report, we have a ".game" and a ".games".

  1. Domain name registration volumes:
    1. New gTLDs related to SPORT (we added the .AFL new gTLD - Australian Football League);
    2. New gTLDs related to ALCOHOL;
    3. New gTLDs related to REAL ESTATE (we added the .PROGRESSIVE new gTLD - a Trademark). The ".realestate" domain name extension - in which we believe that it will be a success - enters the report.
  2. New gTLDs: a security risk for business computers?
  3. Two more Registrars accredited to the .GDN new gTLD;
  4. Milestone - New gTLD Program Reaches 1,000 Delegations.
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