Thursday, January 5, 2017

A back-end registry was just sold

I am curious.

I just noticed the acquisition of the Open Registry group of companies (a back-end registry solution provider) by KeyDrive SA and SA for an amount of €3.75m. The Open Registry group of companies had previously been acquired by NCC Group plc in January 2015 for £14.9m.

Just for the note, the Trademark Clearinghouse (Clearinghouse for Intellectual Property S.A. "CHIP") is part of this acquisition.

Whatever can be though about the numbers, I wonder about something completely different:
  1. KeyDrive SA already owns a back-end registry, it is called KSregistry GmbH. KeyDrive SA also owns a .BRAND new gTLD solution providers such as BrandShelter and Thomsen Trampedach GmbH. And KeyDrive SA also owns a famous retail Registrar.
  2.'s registrant is no more than the Chairman & Founder of the DCL Group which also owns a .BRAND new gTLD solution provider named eBrandServices as well as two registrars: a corporate one (eBrandServices) and retail one: EuroDNS.
Why would two competitors buy a back-end registry solution provider?

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