Saturday, June 20, 2020

The .INTEL and .METLIFE new gTLDs dropped it

Two new gTLDs just announced their intention to drop it. This is called a "Termination by Registry Operator Section 4.4(b)". The two new gTLDs concerned are Trademarks:
  1. The .INTEL new gTLD (read the termination notice (PDF download));
  2. The .METLIFE new gTLD (read the termination notice (PDF download)).

My opinion on this

I think INTEL makes a mistake because a dotBrand new gTLD makes real sense for such a major Trademark. INTEL could have done a serious SWOT analysis do learn what it could have done with its personalized domain name extension. Now I can understand that one applicant does not want to pay a $25,000 ICANN fee per year ("plus the rest") to keep a tool that it does not use (even if I believe that it must not really be a problem for INTEL).

From the 642 applications withdrawn on a total of ,1930 submitted, I wonder how many to have withdrawn their application...will submit an application again: the .HILTON new gTLD maybe?

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