Monday, June 19, 2023

No buyer wants to "make an offer" or search more

One probably came to wondering about buying a single letter domain name from a specific Registry or a so called "Premium domain name". The basic path would first be to enter the domain name in a browser to see if a website appears. Then, wouldn't that happen, one would use his Registrar to search that domain for...and this is usually when one drops it.

It is unclear to me if Registries...want to sell

I went through the process of buying one of these for a client and I noticed this:

  • Some are already registered and offered at some platforms with various messages:
    • "Make an offer",
    • A (sometimes) prohibitive price with a "Buy now".
  • Some point to an error or a blank page and it is up to the buyer to search the reason for this (...)
  • Some point to a message at the Registrar saying that the domain name is not available when oin is. The truth is that the potential buyer must understand that he has to contact the Registry itself (...) Good luck with that.
  • Some are just not available at some Registrars because...they don't offer domain names from this specific Registry.
I believe it is important to make it simple for a Registry to offer Premium domain names. As a potential buyer with knowledge, I know how to behave to find how to buy a domain name but it is far from being the case for companies with a huge potential to acquire a highly valuable domain name if they can't understand how to proceed! It happens often that the buyer - with decision power - does not even know what a Registrar is and it is this guy who needs a price. It is also that guy who decides to buy another name instead of the first one searched for.

Why not make it simple?

I went to several Registries and Multiple Registries and found nowhere a list of One letter domain names for sale. Why wouldn't a Registry want to publish the price of a higly valuable domain name? Why is that a problem when a seller already knows the limit where he won't sell and the buyer knows how much he is willing to pay?

In terms of procedure, isn't a good way to offer these to point to a page that offer their prices with the procedure to follow to acquire one (and then remove that domain when it is sold)?

Registrars can't stay up to date with all these lists of special domain names from so many Registries so it happens that they just don't offer them, leaving buyers in front of a wall.

Redirecting a Premium domain name to the appropriate page at the Registry level is to me the best way to sell.

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