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New domain name registration volumes: all new gTLD reports were updated by Jean Guillon.

Monday, April 11, 2016

The new gTLD info for Monday, April 11th

Monday is always full of News related to new domain names. The week-end is also a moment for me to publish reports with figures. We want to recommend French speaking readers of our publications to have a look at the Nameshield's report: it focuses on domain name extensions which have a French meaning.
  • Must-read - Past TLDs have Failed and Many More Will Follow in Their Path;
  • The weekly French new gTLD report by Nameshield;
  • Ending soon - The .VIP Sunrise Period (participate);
  • Leveraging Emerging gTLDs;
  • Multiple Registry rejects $5M offer;
  • Reports:
    • HOT - New gTLDs related to "cities";
    • New gTLDs related to "photography";
    • New gTLDs related to "catering".
  • Podcast on new gTLD backend Registry service provider;
  • Article on .CARS new gTLD;
  • Someone disagrees with latest TechRepublic's article on new gTLDs;
  • New domains: are they about to blow?
  • Cybersquatting reaches new heights with the introduction of new gTLDs (WIPO);
  • Registry enters top 10 Registry service providers;
  • More coming during the day.
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