Friday, December 2, 2016

415 new .AUDI domain names?

The AUDI Trademark just created an important number of domain names: 470 domain names ending in ".audi" have been created in one week. This is a lot for a .BRAND new gTLD.
I dug on google and found redirections to existing Audi websites and found two using ".audi" domain names:
I doubt creating so many new domain names is dedicated to tests so there must be a serious project to deploy these names at AUDI. Future will tell.

SHAPR uses ".email" domain names. SHAPR is a French mobile application to allow professionals to meet and network. It works a different way and goes straight to the point: "meet".
For the first time, I connected with someone yesterday and noticed that the internal email used by the application to connect registered users is a ".email" domain name. This is pretty unusual since the Universal Acceptance group at ICANN deals with this very specific problem and it is far from being solved at an international level. Some servers still reject emails using new domain names. Such risk taken by innovators demonstrates one thing though: new gTLDs are being more trusted.

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