Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Better than nothing for .BRAND new gTLDs

When going to Google and entering this in the search field: "site:.TLD" (without quotations and where "TLD" stands for a new domain name extension), you will notice that many of them have redirections indexed in Google. I really don't understand Google's logic behind this but...redirections are indexed.

Not all Trademarks use their .BRAND
In the recent updated new gTLD reports, it is noticeable that more Trademarks to have acquired their .BRAND domain name extension, do register more of their domain names. On the other hand, it is also noticeable that some .BRANDs are still "pending activation": I mean by this that they are delegated and fully functional but their owners have only registered one single domain name (the nic.TLD most of the time which presents the TLD's rules).

What are .BRANDs waiting for then?
If no use is found of a .BRAND domain name extension then I don't understand why those trademarks with various local presences worldwide, or present in various cities, don't use redirections using city names just to be better indexed in Google.

I had a look at the famous .CLUBMED new gTLD and it has 6 ".clubmed" domain names registered (see the March 2018 update). The French Club Mediteranée is a famous French travel agency and has a presence in several cities in most of the countries in the world. Wouldn't a redirection like https://trancoso.clubmed to https://www.clubmed.fr/r/Trancoso/y be a idea to industrialize for all destinations?

If redirections can be risky to use, I wonder if it is better to be charged for a .BRAND new gTLD and not do anything with it. I believe it can be worth it to have a redirection strategy put in place instead of throwing money at the wall.

DotBrand new gTLD applicant are not doing this so is it the cost of each domain names which is the issue? I doubt it is because it already cost each applicants $25,000 a year just in ICANN fees. So what is it then?

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