Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Jovenet Consulting in 2018 (updated)

We've noticed a little more interest in new gTLDs in 2017 but let's be honest: with no date announced for the next round of the ICANN new gTLD program, not much is moving but some Trademarks who seem to have noticed that .BRAND new gTLDs now exist and that they could have theirs.

I personally noticed more interest from media agencies too, but many...don't even know that creating a .BRAND new gTLD is possible! Shouldn't this be one of their subject of interest for their clients? I believe so.

In 2018
  1. The .BRAND new gTLD SWOT analysis starts to be noticed, we'll probably develop that;
  2. Our Newsletter about new gTLDs "only", will still be sent on a daily basis. We've noticed that there is less information now (almost) all new gTLDs have launched so when there's no info, "there's no info";
  3. I am interested in finding an associate:
    1. ...to work on technical future developments. For example, there are tools that I can't develop because I am no technical guy and many tools that I would want to use as a Trademark and owner of a domain name portfolio, do not yet exist at retail or corporate Registrars: there are still tools to create for end users.
    2. ...to develop business.
    3. ...to prepare Round 2 and consider building a technical offer for .BRAND new gTLD applicants. These applicants do not sell domain names: it makes things much more simple.
    4. ...who also believes that submitting applications for .BRAND new gTLD clients in the next round will be much easier. Many more companies will be offering this but is it really what should be offered to potential applicants? There's more to offer ;-)
  4. New gTLD reports will still be updated on a monthly basis but at the end of the month instead of the beginning;
  5. We look for sponsors: we have the capacity to say things loud in this business so to be seen and heard, you can sponsor our new gTLD reports, our newsletter and gTLD.club which receives A LOT of traffic for the subject of new gTLDs (15,000 PV per day). You probably noticed that we now have many readers on LinkedIn too and the group of 2,600 subscribers that we moderate;
  6. Project John Wolley is a game changer: a new gTLD project dedicated to cities with a strong focus on building the next Universal Directory. The business model definitely kills the way existing registries sell domain names: it is a money maker too.

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